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March 19th, 2009

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Note to any who still follow my ramblings here. Most of my blogging is now happening at since that’s the project I’m excited about. I’ll still post personal things here, but as you can see, there’s not been a lot of that lately.
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March 5th, 2008

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Gary Gygax, creator of Dungeons & Dragons, passed away yesterday. (more…)

post Edinburgh – Day 6: Dunfermline Sunset

November 6th, 2007

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Sixth day already! Two more interviews today, both very interesting. What was most enjoyable about the second one, however, was that it took me north of the city and over the Firth of Forth, which is Edinburgh’s answer to San Francisco Bay: a large inlet opening east into the North Sea spanned by two impressive bridges (that I know of). My return from Dunfermline (pronounced done-FIRM-lin) was blessed by a spectacular sunset, though with the oddness of old habit, it felt quite odd to be looking at the sun setting at the “wrong” end of the bay. The fellows I met in Dunfermline seemed surprised that we had found the folks of Edinburgh so friendly. Hmmm. There might be a rude awakening after the visitor’s honeymoon has expired.

An amusing little tidbit today: a young lady on the bus from Leith chatted amiably with her friends about a casual game called Diner Dash. Yesterday at the games lab I had been talking with one of the researchers about what makes a game work for girls and Diner Dash had been mentioned. Emboldened by the serendipity of the remark, I went over and asked her what she thought made games work for women (explaining something of the context of the question as I went). She thought women mostly preferred games that connect to real life, then she noted that she likes Grand Theft Auto. She also thought the eMotion games lab – with all its special instrumentation to gauge emotional reactions to games – sounded seriously weird.

post Edinburgh – Day 5: Game On!

November 5th, 2007

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Had a fascinating visit today at the eMotion game lab at Glasgow Caledonian University. The lab is kitted out with a very cool array of diagnostic tools for measuring the user’s emotional responses to game stimuli. They’ve also built customized versions of several commercially available game console systems and peripherals (e.g.,Wii and EyeToy) for the purpose of creating educational and rehabilitative games. Glasgow Caledonian has a large department (about 900 people I’m told) devoted entirely to games development. I spent a very pleasant afternoon talking shop with Jon Sykes and his team.

Come evening, we went for a lovely dinner at the Mussel Inn for (guess what?) mussels. Yum! Followed that up with drinks with Jon and his wife at 80 Queen Street, quite a posh bar with a very fine whisky selection.

post Games coming to MySpace

October 23rd, 2007

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Pay attention Flash game developers: this has lots of potential for all of us. As a friend just remarked to me: “you can think what you want of myspace (and social networking in general), but you REALLY CAN’T argue with their numbers…”

I must admit I’ve not paid a lot of attention to MySpace. I should explore whether/what kind of API they might offer. If, like myself, you’re interested in collaborative online gaming, you couldn’t really ask for a better proving ground.

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