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October 30th, 2007

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I purchased FlexBuilder yesterday. Seemed like a long flight (and the spare battery I picked up at the Apple store last week) would be a great opportunity to get stuck in to Flex at last.

It’s an interesting environment: very spare by contrast with the Flash IDE, very developery. That said, I’ve done all my Flex work up to this point (which is so far naught but hobby stuff) in the open source Flex SDK, and it’s a LOT more enjoyable than that. I really like the DreamWeaver-style code/design views, which help the newbie developer wrap his head around the code.

A number of real oddities standout, though. Notably, the entire ‘fl’ package seems to be missing, so AS3 code developed in Flash, if it uses anything within that package, won’t work. This seems mind-boggling to me. Maybe I just don’t understand yet. I haven’t tried fixing classpaths to Flash CS3 first run yet…that should work, but can that really be necessary? It also seems odd to me that I can’t (so far as I can tell) drag-and-drop data components on-stage in the design view. I mean, OK, it’s a ‘design’ view. I get that. But it would facilitate development substantially to be able to drag httpService onstage and set its properties through the Property Inspector, and what’s wrong with that?

Another issue: the PC copy my office purchased last week crashed and refused to re-open. I ultimately had to uninstall and reinstall to get it going.

So I guess you’ll be hearing some impressions of my struggles with Fx over the coming weeks. Lucky you!

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