post January 4, 2008 – Irish Days and Nights

January 6th, 2008

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The past week has been great fun, catching up with Orla’s friends and family in and around Dublin, replete with terrific food and drink.

A particular highlight has to be the trip down to Wicklow to visit our friends Maeve and Danny, like-minded exiles from San Francisco who have built a new life here in Europe. (more…)

post New Year’s Day Update

January 2nd, 2008

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I’ll have to thank those of you reading this for your forbearance during the long dry spell that has preceded this entry. The lead-up to the move was beyond busy. Any trip overseas, any wrap-up of a job, any change of residence, any Christmas holiday entails a certain amount of rush and bother: settling details, arranging accommodation, packing bags, packing boxes, wrapping gifts, divesting of and acquiring assets. The confluence of so many of these activities introduced rather more energy into our quiet lives than we had anticipated. (more…)

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