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April 23rd, 2008

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OK, Peter (Rabbit?) has asked for it often enough, so here it is: the Rabbit Update.

When I first noted the Rabbits of Ratho Station in the twilight of a 5pm sunset, there were perhaps five of them scurrying around the trash-strewn garden beside the bus stop. That was in January. These days darkness doesn’t settle in until around 9pm. So. working late last night I traversed the footbridge conecting the two sides of the Glasgow Road in full sunshine (note, by the way that it was indeed full sunshine — I can’t speak yet for the full range of Scottish atmospheric trends or conditions, but we’ve had a reasonably ample supply of decent weather). From my vantage atop the bridge, I could conduct a fairly good survey of the large grass field adjoining the bus stop garden, and counted in the space of several seconds nothing less than twenty bunnies hopping merrily. These included the old paws — Hazel, Bigwig, Mr. and Mrs. Tasty — but also a collection of newcomers, some not much larger than hamsters. They munched grass meditatively as I watched, but scattered with flashing white tails once I descended the footbridge. More of their kind roamed the bus stop garden itself. I had only a minute or so to appreciate them before the bus arrived.

Rumbling a few hundred meters down the road, I saw yet another flash of tails scudding along as yet more rabbits dashed at high speed along a run beside the airport. Oh yes, spring is here, and our bunnies have gotten the memo!

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