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February 19th, 2009

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I’m simply setting up this post as a thread for feedback on The Wikiup Project. Please feel free to constructively discuss any aspects of the project you find interesting, especially areas you feel could be improved.


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  1. Disclaimer: this is really nerdy and lame.

    In the whitepaper you describe the possibility that instances themselves are also classes, just with an instance attribute true. I think at this point you are diverging from standard class-based inheritance and talking about prototype-based inheritance. You probably just thought of javascript and actionscript 1.0 and threw up in your mouth a little, but the theory is a lot cleaner than that implementation.

    There are no classes, there are only objects, starting with a single base object. All objects support cloning, which creates a new object using the cloned object as the template. You can use such an object as you would a class by not using it for anything except making copies, or use it as an object with a functional purpose. Class instantiation is cloning – you get an object based on a known template. Subclassing is also cloning – you get something based on the previous template which you can then modify and make clones from.

    It has a different feel from the class-based model, but I think it fits the inheritence model you describe in the whitepaper nicely.

    Comment by travis — March 11, 2009 @ 4:15 pm

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